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What's new in the market....

Muscovy Ducks and Drakes - good summer layers & excellent mothers (have hatched several broods for us),  $15
each , colors include black & white, some lovely dark coal grey, and beautiful smoky grey

Khaki Campbell drakes - excellent meat birds, or add them to your flock to be sires for your ducks, $15 each

Organic chicken eggs - large brown eggs from our pasture raised, free range chickens.  No drugs, only all organic
vegetarian feed and good pasture eating for these girls!  $3.50/dozen, $2.00/half dozen
All Natural Duck eggs - extra large white eggs from our Muscovy ducks, all natural and organic feeds plus pasture
grass (our ducks were transitioned to organic feed in the spring of 2013), no drugs of any kind.  $4.00/dozen, $2.25
/half dozen
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